Monday, March 24, 2008

A word on Anitbiotics

Last week when I was sick, I had a few different things go on.
The first was the nasty sinus problems - dry and burning, yet running, clear mucus that felt like an infection. After the 4th day of this I almost gave in and went to the Dr., but fortunately I was able to convince myself that this was the same VIRUS that my wife and daughter had, which was confirmed by my daughters pediatrician. I still almost went in, knowing that the possibility of me getting antibiotics would be close to 100% even if the Dr. thought it was a virus.
I have had good results from antibiotics in the past, but I only use any type of medicine if I absolutely need (aka near death) - and as a result I usually get better very quickly when I do use something - 90% of the time - Also, I very rarely get sick.
By the 5th day, my sinus problems were virtually gone and I was very glad that I didn't go in for antibiotics for 2 reasons which I will detail.
I ended up getting the flu the next day and subsequently my digestive system was in "sudden turmoil".
So, what is my point here? I have a few.
1st - most of the virus type colds that I deal with usually resolve within 7 to 10 days or so, especially when using the proper herbal supplements. So when I started getting better the next day, I would have attributed that to the antibiotics.
2nd - Antibiotics do not work on viruses.
3rd - The types of antibiotics generally generally used, such a Zithromax ("Z pak") is a broad spectrum antibiotic, which means it is non-selective, which means it kills many types of bacteria including some of the good kind needed in our intestines.
4th - I would have inevitably and incorrectly blamed my sudden turmoil or at least part of the severity on the antibiotic.

Ok, I have been trying to write this now for a couple hours having to stop for up to an hour at a time between writing so I have lost my take away for this post.

Basically, I think I was going to say that I'm glad I didn't get an antibiotic for 2 main reasons.
1 I would have given it undue credit for the good, and the other is that I would have given it undue credit for the bad.

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