Friday, March 21, 2008

Sick, bad pears, and bad soup

Well, I just got over being sick as hell.
For the past week I had some nasty sinus problems and as soon as they were over I got the flu.
This was the worst case of the flu I have ever had and many people around town apparently have it.
Anyway, until 5 minutes ago I had only consumed 4 silces of pears and a bunch of water and gatorade in the past 30+ hours.
This morning I was going to have another can of pears, took a spoon full of the juice and as I was swallowing noticed this nasty black hair floating in the juice - nobody in my family has black hair and the pears weren't exposed to open air for more than seconds so I know this came from the factory - disgusting! I will post the brand on here later when I find out what it is.
As far as the bad soup, Campbell's select chicken with egg noodles. Here is my impression of this soup - Lowest quality vegetables they could find, chunks of chicken (chicken tumors), good broth, better than average good noodles.
Seriously, I must have just gotten a bad batch I hope, because this is supposed to be some kind of gourmet shit. The carrots look like they have fungus growing on them and the chicken looks like what I would imagine a tumor to look like. I did eat a piece of the chicken (that didn't look like a tumor) and it was as disgusting as expected.
Thats all thats new here. At least I feel good.

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