Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm back

Back at it.
I was inspired by Pmans blog to start another. I really enjoyed reading about his adventures and life out west. Of course I like the all of the other blogs as well, its just that Pmans was the catalyst for another attempt at blogging.
I'm going to keep it more simple this time.
Also, the last blog I had given out my link to lots of people that I felt I shouldn't have given it to - yes I know people can find this again, and that is fine. I'm only sending the link out to a much smaller group this time.

Well, of course I will probably use this as a means of self realization and when I put something out I do it with the intent of receiving your input on the matter - to help me become a better more educated person.



UltimateP said...

Wow! I'm honored to be the reason you started blogging again! I'm excited to see where your blog goes. Welcome back!

Plains folk said...

Thanks P!
I'm glad to be back. I have a better focus this time...
Thanks for your posts, keep them coming and I'll keep reading!

ofagirl said...

Glad you're back!
I like to blog but I need to do it more regularly. I always think of good ideas for a blog at the wrong times.
Looking forward to more Blake blogs...!

Plains folk said...

Thanks J MO!
I'm glad to be back.
I will try my best to put some worthwhile info on it for you and everyone else. :)