Friday, March 14, 2008

and now... for the rest of the story

After dinner Andrea and I had desert at Caspers East 40, they have great creme brulee (sp?) and New Castle beer. I knew there was something more, but I didn't know what. I thought we were going to do something together, probably hotel like since she had me bring my contact case.
So, before we left the parking lot of Caspers she forced me to be blind folded, it was at that point I knew she was taking me to a "surprise B-day party".
We ended up driving for about 20 minutes with all kinds of turns and sudden stops which about made me sick. Turns out the surprise party was at my parents - one of the last places I would have expected so it truly was a surprise.
There were quite a few friends there and my parents and hers. It was a great time.
Also, turns out Ian didn't have to head back right away and we got to party one more night.
So, I'm 30 some days old now and had a great party.
I wish the rest of you could have been there, but I completely understand.
Also, Andrea tried to raid my email and phone to get numbers and address but unfortunately she wasn't able to get them all. There were even some people from town who didn't get invited that I wish could have been there - but, I guess that is how it goes with surprise parties.
Take care and have a great day.

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dj said...

1. Happy Birthday - sorry I missed it - my parents were in town that weekend otherwise I would have been there.

2. I don't know if you spelled that dessert right, but you did mis-spell New Castle - it is Newcastle Brown Ale. Newcastle is one word.

3. Do you have your syndication feed turned off. I haven't been here in a while cause I have not been able to add you to my RSS reader.

4. Why not have OpenID comments enabled?