Thursday, August 28, 2008

My favorite group, music or whatever...

The Grateful Dead. Maybe it is that I used to listen to them a lot and when everything in my life seemed so much easier (Now there are many more bills to worry about, but life is still good). Anyway, here are just a few that bring back some great memories or just flat out give me a great feeling.

Box of Rain
I love listening to this song in the early morning glow driving into town from my parents house.

Sugar Magnolia
Reminds me a lot of my time in Montana.

Cumberland Blues
Weird video, I never pictured this before when I listen to the song, but also reminds me of Montana.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A new world

Today I have been exposed to a whole new world.
I was reading about the alleged Obama assassination plotters in the Mirror UK and came across an article that said something to the effect of "Fry-ups can increase the likliehood of bowel cancer by 63%".
What the hell is a Fry-up? So, my dear wikipedia, thank you.
I now know that a Fry-up is the slang for a Full Traditional English Breakfast.
As to the constituents of the Fry-up there was one in there that looked heinous and I couldn't figure out what it could possibly be. It is called Black Pudding. The main ingredient of this delicatessen is blood. I can't imagine eating it, I'm almost positive I would puke.
Inturn, the reading about Black Pudding led me to reading about white pudding which is the fat based version instead of blood. Which inturn led me to reading about mince and tatties.
The last revelation I had through this experience and possibly the most gratifying for some odd reason is learning of the existence of weasel words.
Images of a little elusive critter come to mind and I will forever be searching for weasel words, sentence stuffing and convoluted syntax.

Monday, August 11, 2008

another 4 mile 8/9/08

I forgot to write in that I did another 4 mile on Sat.

I ran this one in 32:42.

My shoe lace even came untied during the run which I had to stop for probably 15 seconds to retie, I didn't time it.

Also, my stop watch didn't start immediately when I took off from start point so everything about that time is F'd up.

What can safely be said about that run though is that it was my best time, whatever it really was. I would assume somewhere in the 32:30 range.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8/6/08 2 miles

Ran 2 miles today in 15:50.

I had already been in the gym for an hour and got in a pretty good work out shoulders/chest/tris. Legs were a bit sore in the beginning but felt fine after the 1st mile.

The past couple times after running I have been left wondering how the hell I broke the 15 minute mark at all let alone by more than 5 seconds on the 2 mile. I have yet to break it since then and I always look when I hit the 2 mile mark even on the 4 mile runs.

Anyway, got softball yet tonight. So it will have been quite a workout day when it is all over.

Monday, August 4, 2008

another 4

Just got done with another 4 miles tonight.

This was a mess, I think I have to take a day off in between each 4 mile until I build up some endurance, or I should say until my legs get strong enough to handle consecutive 4 mile runs. My lungs were great, didn't even phase me - but my legs - S.O.B

Tonight from the start I could tell it was going to be a bitch. My legs were sore from the first stride and before mile 2 my knee was already hinting at giving up on me. I pushed through it though. Other than my legs I felt great.

Then, literally as I looked down at the last 1/4 mile mark, I started to feel a burning sensation on my L. achilles area - blister - my F'ing sock was just low enough to allow my shoe to burn a hole through my skin. I'm positive the sock didn't fall down until seconds before I noticed it, because it isn't very bad (bad enough to leave a little blood stain on my shoe), but I pushed through that as well.

Then as I go to open my car, I dropped the goddamn electric key opener thing under my car 1/2 way between both sides, just far enough that I couldn't reach it without a ridiculous stretch that almost caused a pain that felt like a tear in my L. trap. Somehow I managed to restrain myself from absolutely destroying that goddamn thing, but tossed it against the opposite door and somehow it landed back at my feet - You gotta be fricken kidding me, so I gave up and tried to gently toss it into the cup holder - I missed and it fell between the seat and the council. I give up. For those of you who don't know I'm not above breaking inatimate objects as I firmly believe in resistentialism
And before I even new about this theory I had already lived by my own saying of "if it doesn't work by the third try, break it", with few exceptions, but that is another story.

Anyway, I still managed to pull the run off in 33:59, which I believe is exactly 1 minute slower than I ran it last night.

Tomorrow I will hit the gym and take a day off from running.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A good run

I have been running with more frequency this past week.
Thanks to some good advice from my buddy Andy, I managed to relatively crush my last 4 mile time. It was also quite a bit cooler out this morning than when I usually run.

I ran the 4 miles today in 32:52. This is after running a 2 mile 14 hours before which was a time of 16:15 with the first mile being 7 mins. I have done quite a bit better on the 2 mile in the past, but I'm not worried about it.

Anyway, my legs were pretty tired by mile 3 today, but I can tell this is going to make the 6.5 miles in 52 mins. goal very realistic by Sept. 20.

Thanks Thork!