Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A new world

Today I have been exposed to a whole new world.
I was reading about the alleged Obama assassination plotters in the Mirror UK and came across an article that said something to the effect of "Fry-ups can increase the likliehood of bowel cancer by 63%".
What the hell is a Fry-up? So, my dear wikipedia, thank you.
I now know that a Fry-up is the slang for a Full Traditional English Breakfast.
As to the constituents of the Fry-up there was one in there that looked heinous and I couldn't figure out what it could possibly be. It is called Black Pudding. The main ingredient of this delicatessen is blood. I can't imagine eating it, I'm almost positive I would puke.
Inturn, the reading about Black Pudding led me to reading about white pudding which is the fat based version instead of blood. Which inturn led me to reading about mince and tatties.
The last revelation I had through this experience and possibly the most gratifying for some odd reason is learning of the existence of weasel words.
Images of a little elusive critter come to mind and I will forever be searching for weasel words, sentence stuffing and convoluted syntax.

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