Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We are Moving!!

I just got offered and I accepted a full time job as an acupuncturist up in Anchorage!!
The pay is really good and we have been thinking about it for a while anyway.
So, we will packing up here and be there by the beginning of May.

Anyone need a well kept house in south central Bismarck?

I will fill you all in on the rest of the details soon.


Plains folk said...

I feel lame for even attempting to pull an April Fools on you guys.
Sorry, I cannot tell a lie even on April Fools day.
Not that any of you believed it anyway.

I do often wish this was a real statement though.

UltimateP said...

Wow, you almost had me but I was bit suspicious about an accounting job. Good one. Keep trying to make it happen though. Never give up.


Unknown said...

Wow, Blake that sounds like a perfect opprotunity! I would love to live in Alaska...in fact its one of the main places I plan to live a some time in my lifetime. If you and Andrea need company up there, Kris can hopefully make some arrangements for living up north. That would be incredible. We coud be neighbors!

Unknown said...

Joke- schmoke!!! Let's go!

Plains folk said...

Hey Meg,
I know - that would be awesome to be up there, especially with friends.
Maybe someday we can all make it work!!