Monday, April 14, 2008


I'm trying to figure out what I should do for some marketing. There are so many options and they all cost quite a bit of money (relatively speaking).
So, if you could please help me out by giving me your vote in the latest poll, plus some advice on what you think would be the most effective way to spread the word, I would appreciate it very much.
Thanks and have a great day!!


dj said...

well that question is impossible to give a reasonable answer to without knowing what you are trying to market.

Plains folk said...

I realised as I was writing that post that I didn't put what I want to market in there...
Overall I'm referring to My business, but I was also wondering what mediums people find to be the most effective to them personally.
I will be marketing acupuncture.

UltimateP said...

I heard an ad for advertising on the radio recently that said some crazy-high percentage of the public (~70% or something) listened to the radio at least 10 minutes every day.