Tuesday, April 15, 2008

blogger confessional

There is something I should tell all of you.
It is a dream of mine to have a successful blog, one that people come to and read and get something out of... whether it be knowledge or laughter, or in this case laughter and pissing people off.
I would like to be able to live where ever I want, doing acupuncture from a bungalow in the south pacific or caribbean and not have to worry about making money from it - because I'm making all I need from the advertisements on my blog.
This idea started with a joint effort on a site called http://www.thedailyskunk.com/
This is something that Kidpurple, myself and a few others have made into a site full of all kinds of random useful and useless information. It is still up and running and drawing in new users occasionally - who usually get a flogging, praise or indifference from the regulars, depeneding on the new users post.
Then there was another blog, which I would like to post here but won't for various reasons - that was based on videos - NO, not porn. It was created on a drunken night in St. Paul and some serious towel fighting that was recorded (yes, very immature - yet very funny). There was a group of people who carried this out and started making more videos to post, but unfortunately we never got those videos and one of the key players is gone from the area now, so we let the site expire.
Anyway, Very funny and generated many views to my knowledge.
Now, my next endeavour - check it out please.
And I will tell you, you who are my friends - on this new blog I write in jest, so please do not get offended by the things I write.
My hopes are to get a wide audience and keep them laughing and coming back for more.
So feel free to give me your honest opinion. Honesty is all that matters, I can take it.

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