Friday, June 6, 2008

the update

So yesterday I lifted legs and then ran on the treadmill.
I felt really good, but it made me realise that I probably didn't run the distance that I originally thought I had the other day. It was probably more like a mile and a half at most.

I based this on my the time it took me to run that distance on the treadmill - even though it was after doing squats, extensions, curls, and calf raises.

Anyway, I didn't so much tire out as I 1)ran out of time and had to get back to work 2) figured I better ease into this and not destroy my legs (in a good way) from the running - since I have just begun.

Anyway, thoughts and opinions from those who know are much appreciated.


Erin said...

You are way ahead of me dude. I haven't been able to run... well ever. The bike and weights are my friends.

If you want to go sll out, I ordered a Garmin GPS heart rate monitor for someone about a month ago. It was $200ish and it was hardcore.

Plains folk said...

wow, 2 hundo. it must be nice. I know that is out of my $ range right now, so i will have to look into something much cheaper - thanks for the suggestion though, I will check it out.