Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not as long as I thought

I was pleasantly surprised that it hasn't been as long as I thought it was between posts. The last post still makes me laugh and I'm glad I posted it, because I had forgotten about it.

If you enjoyed that you will enjoy this as well. The other night she was "reading" to her little brother, and I say reading in quotation marks because she doesn't really know how to read. She had a book open towards him and as he was looking and listening intently she says: It was a fine morning in the evening, during the daytime and the world made sense...

A and I were having a discussion up until that point and as expected burst out laughing (quietly and contained as possible) to which Mck new she had said something funny, but was not slightly embarrassed, but proud of herself because I think she knew we weren't laughing at her.

Anyway, what I originally came here to post are some thoughts that might take me a while to grab a hold of and put down on whatever the technical equivalent is in the blogging world to paper.

I will do that in another post, since personally I'm not a fan of reading 99% of really long posts, which this one is already.

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