Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More thoughts on life - I'm starting to get it...

or at least I like to think I'm becoming more accepting and this writing seems to be the outlet for my fears. I always feel better after writing my thoughts here and I guess I just assume like most blog entries, my writings go unnoticed, except by the writer who finds them to be a venerable masterpiece! HA! Think of that next time your reading someones blog - if you don't already.

Anyway, maybe that's also why I get lengthy in my posts, unconsciously trying to bore a possible reader into leaving the post, because it's a lot of information that I typically only share with a limited group of like minded individuals.

Deep down though, I write these things with the hope that they will initiate thoughts about the things that really matter in life, whatever that may be to whoever is reading this.

On to the substance... When I think of my life and others, we're all like characters in a movie that plays out in a blend of many seemingly mundane things, which are actually the best parts of our life, the ones we often take for granted. Unfortunately, the blend is mixed with tragedy,that we all have to endure, some more than others.

I heard this song for the first time in a long time the other day. The song is called "Grey Sky Morning" and it was introduced to the music world by a group called Vertical Horizon. I think it's a great song and for some reason I had thought I had read at one time it was written by the singer for his wife that died of cancer?? Well, I don't know what the hell made me think that because I cannot find a shred of evidence supporting that anywhere and I can't even find out who wrote it?

What a pipe dream, I can't believe I even admit that I thought that and it kind of makes me happy and pissed at the same time. Happy for the obvious reasons, but pissed (to a much lesser extent) because the song that I thought was so full of substance could possibly be the result of some professional song writing dude or dudette who hit a yatzee one day sitting at some urban coffee shop.

Either way, it's a good song and really gets me thinking about life (what doesn't, right?) and it also helps that the lead singer from Vertical Horizon really sings this song well. I would say perfect in fact.

Here's a link to the song, which I'm going to listen to, to solicit the thoughts that I want to share.

Grey Sky Morning

The movie "Stranger than Fiction" is easily one of my favorite movies. It was definitely one of the biggest influences on my recent thoughts on life, as you can tell or will be able to after watching it, based on the things I wrote above.

Whoever put that movie together really, really gets it. They lay it out so perfectly. Life can and will pass you by if you don't wake up and really, really realize that 1. this is it here on earth and especially if you don't believe in God, than this is absolutely it. 2. I recently saw a quote that went something like this "Life is made up of a thousand little things, and to a much lesser extent the occasional big things" 3. It can all end in a second, without warning.

So, what's the point of this shit that I'm writing? The point is that we can live our life in a few different ways. You can either realize and make the most of it or not realize it, being oblivious to the inevitable things that will change with and around you. In some ways I envy the person who is oblivious, but I'm ultimately brought back to the realization that my way is the right way for me. And for confirmation I fully realize the beauty of the words my good friend Josh S. once said to me "Is the pain of my leaving worth joy of our next meeting?" This is life, pain and joy. Both are dependent upon and intensified by each other.

Lastly, I have been wanting to put it out somewhere a few things that really inspire me. As I was accumulating these things I realized that there's nothing I can say or deserve to say. These things bring up pure emotion and makes me grateful to be part of this beautiful life.

They inspire me to be more, do more and appreciate life more:

Randy Pausch
Skid Boot
Richard Holcomb and especially Dick (The man among men) and Ricky Hoyt


matt iv said...

I am so glad you write down some of your thoughts and share them. I really, really like reading them. Thanks a bunch!

Plains folk said...

Thanks Matt! I appreciate your thoughts as well. I will keep posting when I'm driven to do so.
I finally feel like I have said my piece on this topic and can move on!
Take care!!