Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time to move on

I really want to move. I have never hated this state, until now. I guess I don't really hate the state as much as I hate the weather.
It is snowing again, floods are still happening and pending.

We had to move all of our stuff from the basement to the main floor.
The city has done an absolutely shitty job of keeping the roads clean this winter - absolutely pathetic.

We moved back here for 1 reason - our family. My parents and A's parents all live here.
I have a bonus in the fact that I love Western and Southwestern ND - to hike, hunt, driving the gravel roads for literally hundreds of miles or just sitting on the side of a hill taking in the rolling plains on a warm September or October afternoon. I love that.

BUT, it is getting to the point that none of this seems worth staying in this god foresaken land. I constantly ask myself why anyone willingly lives here?

1 more winter like this and I'm seriously going to consider moving - Hello Colorado.

Here is the forecast for the months of November through March for ND.

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KwT said...

I love looking at video of weather from North Dakota. It brings back memories and makes anything I could experience outside of the state easier to handle. Spring is almost here. You've 50 degress with 50mph winds and partly shitty weather to look forward to!