Saturday, March 21, 2009


I remember when I first met Andrea. Odd circumstances, one more confirmation for me of fate. Anyway, I particularily remember the first weeks, months and into the first year. Her working at BBB me working these ridiculous late hours at Lewis trucking with Onree and Christ. I would go see her on every one of her breaks, eating dinner or just holding hands and talking.

If she wasn't working she was at school. I would go and sit and read while she was spending endless hours in the photolab, printing her photos. Just wanting to be where she was as close as possible.
I couldn't spend enough time with her. Everything was new and exciting.

That seems so long ago. My memories of that time and most of my time in Fargo seem like a blur or like bits from a movie. I can still feel those feelings of excitement and joy when I think about those times.

Now of course things are different. We have evolved in our relationship. Still love each other very much, but as expected things are different.

Anyway, the reason for all this randomness is that I heard a song just a little bit ago that reminded me of all those things. Andrea had bought a CD a few months after we met that had a song on it that she said made her think of us. It's crazy when I hear this song and haven't heard it for a while. It actually chokes me up a little bit, becuase it reminds me of how much I love/loved her at that time. I have never loved like that and at that time nothing had even come close. I still do love her on that level - just to clarify.

Now of course we have McKenzie and she brings so much love and joy to my life it is impossible to describe. My love for her is on a similar level, but different of course and I feel very lucky.

I always remember that song and a few others when I think of us at that time. All were songs on the radio at that time that she really seemed to like and we would seem to hear a lot.

Finally, here is the song and it is the first time I have ever seen the video.

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