Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Sat. night I bought a little carton of chocolate milk.

I was reading the ingredients and the last thing it said was "contains milk".

Why would they even have to put that on there?


matt iv said...

what's even funnier is the huge assumptions that go into calling something simply "milk." when we say milk, we really mean cow's milk, not human milk or any other kind of milk. it's just kinda interesting to think about.

i think it might have something to do with how our culture views our relationship with other animals.

Plains folk said...

Your right! I didn't even think about that. That is an interesting thought.
I guess if it were another part of the world "milk" would be horse milk - like the Mongols.
Or perhaps goat milk, like many other countries. Or cocnut milk,soy milk, ricke milk, etc.
Anyway, I was also thinking about the relationship between humans and the animals.
I think a sad fact of the matter is that most animals we have on the planet and take for granted wouldn't even exist if humans in general don't find value in them.
Especially cattle. If humans didn't employ them for milk and consume them in other ways I think the only cattle in existence could be found in India... even at that they are still being used to fulfill a human need. No offense intended to anyone of Hindu beliefs.

Stryrker said...

ya know....there's a reason why you can't find "ice cream" written in print anywhere in Dairy Queen! It's all "dairy product"!

Instead of milk, it could be "water, xanthan gum(for thickening), artificial flavorings, natural flavorings, and melamine (to simulate high protein content)" ;)