Monday, May 12, 2008

Acupuncture Portland!

This is a very neat idea, not that I'm saying we should go plant 23 ft needles all over town - maybe 18 footers would be just fine. I wonder what effect the wind would have on one of those needles here in the prairie region.

Anyway, interesting way to promote awareness and change.

Oh yeah, there would probably be some serious "what the hell" flying around in this part of the country.

I can just here it already...
"That's voodoo", or "I can't believe in acupuncture because it is against my religion" - seriously, I have had people say that or similar things to me about it.

For example, I had one person say that they liked the concept of the medicine, but they don't agree with the religious aspect of it. OK, IT'S NOT VOODOO. You will not go to hell for trying to promote your health, using acupuncture is not a sin... I promise.

If that were the case, you would be going to hell for using western medicine for sure. In fact, there would probably be a higher chance of you going to hell for using western medicine than acupunture. That would be based on the evasiveness of the medicine (specifically surgery) and the fact that it is based on a science that says if you can't touch, feel or reproduce it in a lab (Trust me - I'm not saying that this method is a bad thing, but keep in mind not everything used in western medicine is proven by science, even though most think it is). What I'm getting at is that since God, Heaven or Hell cannot be proven to exist by science - well...

Speaking of hell, I had someone who had been through complete hell with western medicine from improperly prescribed antibiotics and surgeries gone wrong. After we got through the consult, the person said they had to check with their priest first to see if it went against their religion. She never came back, so I don't know what he told her.

I'm not sure why I'm going off on this, but it leads me to something that just happened this morning.

I started treating a guy last week for leg and knee pain. He had surgery on his knee 2.5 months ago and he has been in a reasonable amount of pain since. Shortly after the surgery his legs started hurting in both sides. He has not had a day since the surgery where the pain has been down. He has even been back to his surgeon to find out why, and after x-rays the answer was that everything looked fine, no noticeable problems.

Today he comes in and tells me that the pain in his one leg is completely gone since the treatment and the pain in the knee and same leg are significantly diminished. He then went on to say he didn't know if he should thank me or the good lord for taking the pain away.

I should have said I know who you would have blamed if it didn't work.

Anyway, wow - sorry about the tangent(s).

Check out the article it also has pictures.

Acupuncture Portland


Anonymous said...

How do you know what my religion qualifies as sin? Maybe it isn't the same as yours? The flying spaghetti monster will get you.

Anyway - neat idea - but some of those look fake. The color of the needle never changes from picture to picture. It never seems to be effected by the sun/shadows/cloud cover etc... Some look more fake than others - further down on the page they look worse and worse. I could be wrong...

Anonymous said...

oh - now that I go back and read I see that the first one is the only real one. The rest are just ideas about where they would go - ooops.

Plains folk said...

Good point, I was generalizing there...
No offense to you or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Rodger Funderberk said...

The use of needles on the body does not necessarily equate to Voodoo practices. Religious belief should not be a hindrance in an effort to get well and healthy.
Rodger Funderberk