Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have Colorado on my mind. I'm want to go back already. I simply can't get enough of those mountains and just being in CO.
I've also been wasting a lot of time (relatively, actually only about an hour total) the past week looking at/for Harleys. Daydreaming about the day I can actually get one. I wouldn't have time to ride one right now if I had one anyway... but that's not going to stop me from putting in a lowball offer on one today on ebay anyway!!! I'll know by Thursday if I'm the proud owner of a new Harley and on death row in my house via A.

On the way home Aug. 3 we went through Spearfish, SD which is only 17 miles from Sturgis. I haven't ever seen so many bikes and bikers in one place. It looked like a lot of fun and I will partake in that event one of these years to come.
After Spearfish we stopped at this little gas stop/convenience shack that looks like something out of the movie Dusk till Dawn. I have actually joked to A about how there is probably a pile of cars just over the side of the hill of all the naive travelers who have stopped. This place is in the absolute middle of nowhere and there usually isn't any cars parked in the lot - and there wasn't this time either. BUT, this time we had to stop because McK had to use the "potty".

It was a very pleasant experience and the ladies working there were very nice. I asked them how business was and they said sporadic. They told me that usually if one person stops and other people see the vehicle sitting out front, others will stop as well. I had parked our vehicle kind of in the back, so I went out and moved it to the front well within view of the highway. Sure enough, 3 more vehicles of people stopped and came in. I bought several items more than I needed just to support their cause and out of gratitude for the restroom. A had a turkey sandwich which was nothing fancy, but it was good she said.

Those of you who have travelled the lonely stretch between Bowman and Belle Fourche know the place I'm talking about and I would say you shouldn't be afraid to stop.

Here is some interesting history I found on the buttes and this place is right at the foot of the Buttes.

"CROW BUTTES - Crow Buttes located in Harding County, SD;at this point, was the scene of a bizzare battle between the Crow and the Sioux Indians in the summer of 1882. Sioux men ravaged a crow camp, destroying it. Crow warriors fled to the top of the buttes with the Sioux chasing them. Without water, the crow warriors died of thirst. Subsequently the nearby 'Canyon of the Skulls',to the northwest was filled with skeletons of the Sioux who died after contacting a fever from the Crows."


UltimateP said...

Hey Blake, good luck with the Harley bid! My dad has one and rode it out to visit me a few years ago, he said it was amazing.

I think I know the place in Crow Butte where you stopped. Next time I'm on that road, I'll stop too.

Unknown said...

If you get the Harley, we'll have to go ride.

I know exactly the gas station you are talking about. Filled there a few times ... nice folks.