Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And the list got shorter

I was going to only leave this post with the title, but decided to leave an explaination... for myself I guess. As most blog posts are in my opinion.

Anyway, I'm pretty much done here with blogging... for the most part.

Tonight I realised why I originally started this thing and why I continued with it for so long. I realised that it doesn't really matter.

I will say it was fun, served it's purpose for the time. But with the list getting shorter and time becoming more precious, the posts are going to become much less frequent.

Perhaps this has spawned from a serious frustration right now of wasted time on the net, even more or less precisely it is of wasted time concerning several other aspects of the past blending in and out of the current, but I do not care to get into it beyond that.

The point is that I have found new value in several aspects of my life to the point that I simply don't want to invest my time into things that I can see are a waste of time.

Anyway, my guess is that future blogs will be even less meaningful to most everyone, but me. I will probably only randomly use it to vent something of anger or my personal enjoyment which most don't really care about anyway.

A statement that I really enjoyed the first time I saw it and still do which if you read as it is and then after that change a few words to blogs and writing blog posts will pretty much tell half of my story and like I said the other half I don't care to get into.

"I stayed up late last night, slogging through endless websites. I think I was looking for meaning online, which is about the most ridiculous endeavor I can imagine. I feel a little more sane this morning."


matt iv said...

i've really enjoyed reading your thoughts that you've shared in this space. so, thank you for that.

if you decide not to write to this anymore, i understand. if you do continue, even if it ends up being periodically and infrequently, i'll eagerly read what you have to say.

Plains folk said...

Thanks Matt,
I really appreciate your comments.
I will still be here, off and on.

I really enjoy your thoughts as well.

Have a good one.

KwT said...

- You should throw some baby pix in the mix
- That will keep a balanced blog
- I'm not afraid to rhyme mix with mix
- or "Back to Blog" with blog

- If this should be the end of blog
- be sure to let me know
- I'll have to do a better job
- and catch up with you on the phone