Saturday, January 17, 2009

F* it all

Tv shows, especially the crime and murder shows
Magazines that glorify and idolize movie stars
Taxes and the way the government spends them
Elitist politicians
Anyone who takes advantage of or exploits a child
Anyone who abuses anyone
Anyone who thinks they are better than anyone else
Wasting money at bars
Wating money on really expensive restaurants
Wasting money


Anonymous said...

Fuck some of those things.


I like Law & Order SVU.

I think I am a better soccer player than my mom is.

Plains folk said...

No kidpurple, especially fuck law and order SVU, especially since you like it!

I agree with you, that is actually a technical fact.

I was referring more to social class based feelings.

Like A thinks it is better than B, because A makes 250,000 a year and B makes 22,000.

Or B thinks it is better than C because B has a really expensive purse and drives a really expensive car.

Anyway, just felt like a rant. I had just seen a portion of a law/murder show that really pissed me off on several levels and I guess that is what came out.

Thanks for the response!

Plains folk said...

The technical fact I was referring to was you being better at soccer than your mom.

Anonymous said...

Ok - I'll let the better-than-others thing go by then.

But I AM better at soccer than my mom dammit.

KwT said...

What about dumb people? Can I still exploit dumb people? You're not leaving me much wiggle room here.

Plains folk said...

Is that a trick question KWT?