Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Name this state by provided clues

Try and figure this out. Don't go and look it up first and then post your response.
I will tell you what state it is in a week.

clue #

1)average annual temperature ranges from 37° F in the northern part of the state to 43°F in the south. January is the coldest month. Temperatures average from 2° F in the north to 17° F in the southwest with an average of fifty days below 0 . July is the warmest month with temperatures averaging 67° F in the north and 73° F in the south. Temperatures over 90 are common. Highest temperature was 121° F and the lowest -60° F, were both recorded in 1936.

2)Annual precipitation ranges from 13 to 20 inches a year. The average increases from west to east, with the southeast receiving the highest average precipitation. Winter precipitation is highest in January. June is the wettest month receiving 3 to 4 inches of rain.


Unknown said...

I think I live there.

Anonymous said...

I think I used to live there.

matt iv said...

i, too, once lived there.

Plains folk said...

You are all correct!

As I write this it is currently -34F and I think we received 11.5 inches of snow last night.

Hey Joe and KP... How's the weather?
You guys are getting it worse right now than we did!

Unknown said...

There's way too much snow here. When I was running errands today it was -9 (without windchill), and snow had drifted to well past the doors on my vehicle in many places. Got a few people unstuck, and gave someone a ride home.

Unknown said...

So this morning, I tried starting, not one, not two, but three snowblowers. None would start. Finally got mine started after much persuasion.