Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"O con noi o contro di noi"

And here we are yet again, a cycle of many years upon us.
Something good for one thing only and not nearly as important
as I wish it was.

Knowingly or unknowingly said, a line directly or indirectly drawn
to me it couldn't be more obvious
the words are loud
You are either with us, or against us.

Passion fades when years go by and what of a line needlessly drawn?
With friends who live like leaves on trees don't forget the fall is inevitable
especially when you don't see I'm neither with you or against you,

What will be will be
and it will be fine with me,
for things like this I have little tolerance.

I wonder if it will have all been worth it
for those who have crossed it
Fathers and mothers no more, brothers and sisters no more,
friends no more
and all over a pointless tradition
of manipulation in which we need no more.

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Plains folk said...

And no, I'm not pretending that I speak a foreign language here, the title is not that superficial.

I will elaborate if anyone requests, cares, or otherwise.